As parents, we always wanted our child to learn as much as he can, but not in a traditional learning environment where children are given tasks and are then graded. We believe competition isn’t healthy at this age, where he needs nurturing, care and needs to explore. We wanted our child to enjoy learning. 

We looked at a few schools, asked around, met a few parents and finally when we came across Little Geniuses Montessori’s teaching methods, we knew this was just right for our chi‎ld.

The way the teachers handle the children in class, really made us happy. ‎We are happy that they update us daily about the child’s progress and the activities he does (sensorial, language, puzzles, musical instruments, mathematics, etc.). We are glad that all this is mentally stimulating, while making it seem like fun and without being graded or compared.

Our son has been studying here since he was 18 months old and he really looks forward to going to school everyday. He is very attached to his ‘Nindal miss'(Kinjal) and ‘Paachi miss’‎ (Prachi)from whom he’s been learning a lot of new things. There have been days he goes in class and forgets us altogether. We would specially like to thank Kinjal and Prachi for putting in all the effort and helping our son learn, play, explore.Great going Kinjal! We love what you do.

— Bianca and Akshay

” My kid had a great time during their Diwali camp. She would come home each day with beautiful and innovative art and craft work.”
– Mrs Shah
“We are happy to choose a Montessori Method of education for our child as we see him progressing marvelously.This has been our best decision.”
– Mr and Mrs Khan.
” We are so happy to have found Little Geniuses Montessori at Bandra. Not only it is an incredible supportive and safe environment but the teachers are also so caring and affectionate towards children and parents.”