About Us

Welcome to Little Geniuses Montessori

M/s Krystal Kids Development Company Pvt. Ltd. was the brain child of Sahiba and Sanjay Narang who roped in Rishi Jhangiani with a vision to create an all-round development centre for all aged children through Fitness, Education, Music etc.

Thus the journey with fitness through My Gym incorporated in December 2012, where in we bought the master franchise in India.

In mid-2016, the company ventured in the education field by developing Little Geniuses Montessori – Liberating every child.

Pioneered by Kinjal Dhanda, Little Geniuses Montessori provides a platform that enables children to build a solid foundation for life by igniting curiosity and a sense of wonder.

At our school, we actively engage each child through the Montessori Method – a revolutionary way of learning.  We provide the right atmosphere and infrastructure for the education, emotional, social and physical development of children. They build their own community and discover how to lead and collaborate.

Little Geniuses Montessori liberates every child by instilling confidence and lifelong love for learning.